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Friend on Wheels

We are looking for someone with a big heart who might be happy to accompany an older guest to and from our free monthly dinners. London is big and unfortunately some of our older friends cannot come to see us due to not having appropriate transport means. Will you be the one who will contribute to breaking down isolation in such a concrete way?

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The role

In the role of Volunteer Driver, you will play a pivotal role in our monthly event aimed at supporting the homeless and elderly community. Taking place on a Saturday of each month, your assistance will be crucial in transporting essential donations, including food and clothing, between locations. You will also be happy to transport our older friends who would otherwise not be able to come to our monthly event. We will provide you with congestion charge exemption.

Key Tasks

  • Drive goods and people from and to places within greater London

  • Be a great listener

  • Looking for someone with a passion to helping older people and disadvantages


[ ] We are specifically looking for individuals who own a ULEZ-approved car or van to facilitate the transportation process.

[ ] A valid driver's licence and an exemplary driving record are essential requirements for this position.


We are looking for candidates who would be willing to be flexible and reachable should a particular one-off collection/delivery be needed but that in general would be free to help once a month, on a Saturday.

How to apply

Please fill out our contact form selecting the option "Talent Sharing" and writing a few words of introduction as to why you would like to help us. Be as descriptive as you can and ask any questions you may have too. We will get back to you as soon as possible for an interview.

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