Rounds of Friendship

Wednesdays at 6pm

Our Rounds of Friendship consist in preparing food for people living in the streets of London, and visiting them to see how they are doing.

From what our friends tell us, one of the scariest things when you are living in the streets is isolation: you may not have anyone to talk to for many days, even though you are in plain sight. Many people ignore homeless people.

We can't and won't ignore them as human beings, and want to visit them regularly to see how they are getting along. We bring food and drinks, yet what they thank us for the most is the time we make to see them every week.

  • 6:00pm: sandwiches and hot drinks preparations start

  • 6:45pm​: 20-minute prayer

  • 7:30pm: rounds start. We go to central London areas in smaller groups to distribute hot drinks and sandwiches to our homeless friends living in the streets of London.

Come with us to distribute sandwiches and a warm drink to homeless friends in London.