'We are all in the same boat'

Pope Francis

Help by cooking

We need donations of freshly-made food which we will distribute to homeless and older people struggling to eat. All you need to do is buy simple ingredients and cook 10-20 portions according to our cooking guidelines. Contact us if you think you can support our friends who don't have food at home.


Help by calling

We used to run a free monthly dinner called 'Our Cup of Tea', where around 80 older people would come to celebrate their birthdays, chit chat and eat in good company. With the Coronavirus emergency, we have had to pause the meals for the time being. But friendship can never be paused, and we continue to talk to our older friends to ask how they are and keep them company during this difficult time. Would you like to call a new friend?


Help by donating

We need more donations in kind of ready-made food, bags, hand sanitisers, gloves, masks and takeaway boxes. All of these donations will help us to continue to assist homeless and older friends, as well as people contacting us in these recent weeks who have lost their jobs.